Our Services

Lion Mountain Charity Foundation Inc. concentrates on the welfare for everyone. We are motivated in giving quality healthcare for every Sierra Leonean. We want to fight illiteracy and implement quality healthcare in the immediate communities of Sierra Leone and to the rest of its neighboring communities. We also provide free medical assistance and health services from our passionate medical volunteers from all over the state. We also provide a line-up of uplifting community projects.

Our services include:

  • Educational treatment and training for the underprivileged
  • HIV/AIDS counseling
  • Medical/Health Volunteering
  • General Medical Practice :
    • Maternal Health
    • Minor and Major Surgeries
    • Laboratory Work
    • Major and Basic Medical Procedures
    • Prescription Writing
    • Medicinal
    • Distribution
    • Attending Patients

Be involved. Join our community projects by calling us today at 281-530-5515. Help us in helping others.

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