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History OfSierra

Sierra Leone became an independent nation on April 27, 1961.
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Lion Mountain Charity Foundation needs you. We need all the help we can get.
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Take the opportunity to help and be a donor. Your contribution means a lot.
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Welcome to Lion Mountain Charity Foundation, Inc.

Fear not in believing that all will be well. There is still hope. You still have the reason to smile. We have seen the troubles of time and that is why we are here to ease that suffering. Lion Mountain Charity Foundation Inc. envisions that if we work side by side, we can still laugh with our families, kick that ball up high or feel like a child and still play in the rain.

We have called out the hearts of those who want to share the compassion and fellowship to their brethren. They heard our call and enlisted themselves as volunteers and together, we can be reminded of life’s worth. It is never too late to dream of a world filled with people that care for one another.

Malaria, typhoid, pneumonia and tetanus are treatable diseases, yet many still die in Sierra Leone as a result of not receiving proper medical care. Government-run hospitals and medical clinics are ill-equipped to handle the volume of people in need of care. As volunteers you can help by sharing your medical skills and working alongside with local staff to provide those in need with basic medical care.

Donate now and lessen other’s burden. Find out how you can help. Call us today at 281-530-5515.

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Mission Statement

"To enlighten, encourage, enhance and uplift the lives of the people we serve through education, health services and other community projects". About Us »
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